Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Friday Morning Moves - 16th September

This week's theme turned out to be kidney's and lungs. Seems that these things find themselves within the movement and exercises that we end up doing. Starting with a loose MandB format moving through the room in relation to partners bodies we end up finding the lines between kidneys and feet and lungs and hands. This turns out to be food for most of the session, including individual and partnered explorations of each organ and their relationship.

Clare's really interested in handstands at the moment, and so we move into a repeated flow designed to turn us upside down and get us on to our hands. We end up with three people supporting the fourth to do a handstand with information from the supporters focussing again on the kidneys, lungs and related limbs. The experience of these supported and aligned handstands is pretty awesome, and a real sense of light groundedness emerges.

I've been playing with water and balloons for quite a while now, stemming from my masters research at AUT, and thought I'd separate them out into two different object experiences, with hot water bottles full of hot/warm water, and balloons full of air. First with the bottles, I invite people to think of them as people, exploring them through the different depths of their body, tissues, organs, bony structures, then thinking how they might be experiencing your body as a sensory/movement experience. We move for a while and then join with another person, to make a four 'person' improvisation, giving our bottles and ourselves opportunities to experience the different textures, temperatures and sensations of our bodies and play.

Bottles are then left, and we start to use the balloons as a rolling point of contact between partners. The particular lightness and fragility of the balloons is a nice experience of the attention needed to successfully partake in a contact relationship, and this one seems to have a life and a mind of its own, as the balloon is rather unpredictable at times. With more balloons added into the mix, we are challenged to be ever more present, and always moving, over, around, under, through ourselves and each other. A very fun score.

Lastly, the balloons are used to give a partner a light, yet sure experience of the boundaries of their body as they lie on the ground, and then move with the balloon tracing, informing and being lead by the movement.

Gratitude to all who were present, and the space that allows such spacious play!

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