Friday, August 26, 2016

26 August 2016

Clare rolled around the studio for most of the morning whilst I was attending to my daughter...

When I got there we played with 'domestic' interactions of objects, noticing movement patterns and bodily co-ordinations, then moving these co-ordinations, patterns and movements around the room, abstracting them out and playing with object-body interactions and characters.

We then played a made up game, which consisted of: only being allowed to sweep a small spiky ball with brooms at the same time as only being allowed to kick a larger squishier Pilates ball around the room. Both of us had brooms but were chasing the same balls... a lot of laughing and remembering why people like to play ball games.

Lastly, we set up an 'object' obstacle contact course, which we approached from one end each. I was enjoying the different textures and densities of the objects, the way in which they became second, third or fourth 'partners', who were at once both less predictable, or maybe less 'known' as a body, but also more passive in their trajectories. They still all had their own movement qualities, affordances, ways of responding or not, that seemed to be endlessly interesting.

These tasks were felt to be fruitful and would be something to explore more.

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