Wednesday, August 24, 2016

First Friday Morning Moves 19th August 2016

Friday 19th August:
Consisted of:

A soccer ball being kicked, thinking about how you learn an action, replay the action for both sides of your body, become familiar with an action and then abstract it so you can create strange sequences.

A greeting and excitement of gathering, new opportunities, opening, checking in.

An offering of a grounding Thai bodywork practice from Clare.

An offering of spiraling MnB practice, moving through the joints from feet to head to arms, with attention to the sexual organs of the body and relationship of hands and feet to organs, reflexology style.

A play with objects, contacting them. Then contacting a partner as if they were the object, firstly without their engagement with your contact other than their body being material to work with. Then swap roles. Finally, both people engaging with the other person as though they were the original object. Plus observation of the other partnerships.

Much fun.

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